Amy is an amazing doula! She was open-minded and impartial in her approach as a doula, considering the viewpoints of both me and my husband and was incredibly supportive of my use of hypnobabies. The prenatal visits raised discussion of topics that we had not considered and helped us to better prepare for many aspects of the birth. The postnatal visit was also great as a chance to recollect about the birth and discuss various postpartum and breastfeeding issues. In addition, throughout my pregnancy and postpartum period, Amy was readily available by phone or email and was responsive to any of my questions or concerns. She also provided great recommendations for support groups, massage, acupuncture, lactation consultants, etc. Amy attended my birthing time for approximately 18 hours. She was ready throughout with snacks for nourishment and water to keep me hydrated, and offered me peppermint oil for nausea relief and all-natural roll-on oil for back pain relief. She also applied counter pressure/massage through each pressure wave (or advised my husband on how to best do so), and provided incredibly helpful suggestions, such as when to shower, go for a walk, leave for and check into the hospital. Overall, Amy was a really great support person at my daughter’s birth; we are incredibly grateful to her!!!


I had a wonderful experience with Amy as my doula.  She provided a supportive and non-judgmental approach throughout my pregnancy, during the birth, and after.  I had a twin pregnancy and delivered early followed by some complications.  Amy provided me with prenatal exercises to help with back pain and carpal tunnel I was experiencing.  She also provided great resources for birthing classes.  During my c-section followed by complications with preeclampsia, Amy provided a calming presence, and really listened to and validated my needs.  She provided me with relaxation techniques, including aromatherapy and breathing, and assisted with having the babies’ cord blood preserved upon delivery.  She also took pictures of the both babies at the birth, as they had to be taken immediately to the NICU.  In the weeks after, Amy supported me as the babies gained strength in the NICU.  I’m grateful for Amy’s support throughout the my pregnancy and birth, and would highly recommend her for anyone in need of a doula.  


I was a bit skeptical about doulas and did not know much about what they did. Amy turned out to be fantastic and I am very glad she was part of our baby’s birth. I was very surprised that she seems to genuinely value my thoughts and opinions. I say surprised because I previously had a bad experience with a midwife we had met, and was not always totally in sync with certain individuals in the birthing community. Amy’s respectful approach and sensible demeanor was therefore a relief for me, and something I appreciated very much. I also appreciated her conduct with everyone throughout, from nurses to our doctors to everyone else involved. I highly recommend Amy as a doula.


We are so happy and thankful Amy joined us in our journey to bring our first child into the world.

We hoped to have a natural birth without drugs and in order to achieve that we attended HypnoBirthing classes and read different books. Although we felt prepared, it was a lot of information to digest. Thus, we decided to have a birth doula. Amy joined us in the third trimester of the pregnancy and was there for us to answer many questions. She addressed our concerns regardless of what time of day and night it was. 

When it was time for our baby girl to join the world, Amy came over on very short notice and helped me labor at home before we headed to the hospital. Her calm presence and confidence were soothing and reassuring for us in what could have been a very stressful situation. We had a perfect drug-free labor experience and Amy was instrumental in reminding me about Hypnobirthing techniques and guiding my husband in applying pressure and massage to alleviate labor pain. She also made sure I felt as comfortable as possible and that our birth plan was being followed.

We very much hope to be blessed with a second child and hopefully Amy will be able to join us for that journey as well.

- Dovile & Sean 

Amy's energy and attentiveness are remarkable. She channeled a loving peacefulness and warrior strength that opened the door for our beautiful birth experience.  Amy gave us confidence and space to be vulnerable and open and safe and supported. She offered many mini attainable goals for us to focus on during the most intense surges and pushing phase, which was incredibly useful.  During moments of uncertainty--between my body and mind communication and the communication between my husband and I, Amy was able to provide clarity, absorb doubt and re-center communication and focus into a healthy, safe space. She provided loving reassurance in this wild, beautiful 19 hour ride. We strongly recommend Amy to expecting mothers and their birth-partners.

- Ana and Riley