Choosing and inviting a birth doula into your sacred space of birth is as much about your comfort and ease with your doula as it is about their qualifications. I believe that many kinds of people were built to do this work and it's in our DNA to support each other through the rite-of-passage of birth. I also believe that everyone who wants a doula, whether in the form of a friend, relative, or hired professional, deserves to have one. Please reach out regardless of budget. 

I work in partnership with Francesca Marini. As your doula team, our job is first and foremost to listen to your needs. This begins during pregnancy. We will get to know each other through in-person and text/phone/email conversations before you give birth. This is a beautiful time to focus on you and your growing family by slowing down. We will encourage this inward-searching and slowing as much as possible.

During labor and birth Francesca or I will be a calm and experienced presence for you and your partner (if applicable). We are there for physical and emotional support and to help keep your laboring space conducive to your shifting needs. We will always honor and support you in whatever decisions you make for you and your family. We will help remind you of your vision and wishes, based on our conversations during pregnancy, and will help support them with the understanding that you and your baby are your most powerful guides. 

As doulas, we do not perform clinical tasks or provide medical information. We will facilitate communication between you, your partner (if applicable), and your clinical care providers to help you make informed decisions. 


Before working together, we are available for a 45 minute meeting in which we decide if we’re a good match. After this initial meeting, you will have one week to decide if you’d like to hire us.  

The birth doula package includes:

  • 2 in-person prenatal visits where we chat about everything birth and postpartum and possibly take time for guided meditation and movement.

  • Unlimited support via phone and email throughout pregnancy until one of us meets you in labor.

  • Continuous care through labor, birth, and 1-2 hours (as needed) postpartum.

  • One postpartum visit, around one hour. This is typically a time for birth processing, discussion around protected sleep, basic lactation support, and sharing of any necessary referrals. If you’re interested in deeper postpartum support, see Postpartum Doula Package below.

We serve the NYC area and our birth doula package is $1,800.


Two 4 hour postpartum visits (total 8 hours) are available to all of our birth doula clients for an additional $350. We get creative and design the visits around your needs, based on discussions prenatally and whatever is going on at the time. If you are not working with us during birth, please reach out regarding availability.

Examples of care in postpartum shifts include:

  • sitz baths

  • belly binding

  • newborn care and instruction (feeding, bathing, schedules, following cues, etc.)

  • birth processing

  • havening (healing modality that includes touch and talk)

  • nurturing touch- foot massage, etc.

  • postnatal yoga

  • basic lactation support

  • household organization and light cleaning, including laundry

  • light food prep (weekly meal planning and prep available for an additional fee based on our availability)

  • running errands

  • caring for baby while you sleep, shower, take time for yourself in any way

  • reminders for important self-care in this time period

  • discussion of any necessary referrals and connections to other care

  • partner check-in


My doula and yoga trainings have been a way for me to reclaim wisdom that belongs to all of us, but has been shushed and lost through the generations. Thank you to all of my teachers and to everyone doing this work. A special thank you to the tireless teacher who challenges me the most, my daughter. 





Yoga / Prenatal Yoga

2013: Certified through Prenatal Yoga Center, 70 hours

2012: Certified through Kelly Morris’s Conquering Lion Teacher Training, 200 hours


2004: B.A. in Communication Arts, University of Wisconsin-Madison